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Marilyn Zapp (M Zapp) was born in 1929, in beautiful Appleton, Wisconsin. She learned about life in the Great Depression and worked her way through several colleges, not only graduating from the Cleveland Art Institute in 1951, but also majored in Literature and Philosophy at the John Carrol University in the late 1950’s. She studied writing, literature, art, education, graphic arts and journalism classes at Monterey Penn College and Saddleback College, California. Afterward, she spent the next several decades traveling the U.S., Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, and even to China as a consultant guest of the Chinese Government.

from “The Family Series”

Throughout her life, Marilyn Zapp always worked as a self-employed artist and has won many awards doing so, including a portrait for the Catalina Art Show. She was represented in the Cleveland Art Museum Travel Show, First Place in San Clemente Art Association, Favorite Artist Trophy (Laguna Beach, CA) and First Place in Niguel Art Association. She has painted hundreds of portraits, including Bishop Begin (Cleveland) and was founder and president of the Sawdust Art Festival: the home of local artists in Laguna Beach.

Marilyn Zapp’s artwork has been seen internationally on prints and greeting cards. She wrote and illustrated the “Children’s Bill of Rights” and other work commissioned by Andrew Cimerman. She has created art for many organizations including the ‘Society of the Little Flower’ and the Right to Life organizations. She has illustrated for several books including “Song for a Night Season” by Lois Bogardes, and “A Squirrel for Susie” by Dr. Shirley Forbing (the author of “Powerful Parenting”) and Dr. Scofield (who provided the Preface to THE FAMILY SERIES).

“There’s no doubt about it. Some artists such as the incredible Marilyn Zapp were born in the wrong country. Marilyn’s art works belong in The Louvre in Paris. Perhaps she is not meant for this mundane world where boredom and apathy reign supreme. How one with so much talent could live such nothingness, would make Marilyn crawl into a shell. God beams down on her with a withering glance, implanting in her cranium immeasurable talent, more than she can utilize in one lifetime. Local greatness is living in your midst.”
— Dr. Ed Scofield, Ph.D

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